What the heck is “Thank you. You’re Welcome. Grapes?”

grape-2002848_960_720Tyler says “Thank you.”  He waits for you to say “You’re Welcome.”  When he happily replies, “Grapes.” That’s it.  Nothing comes next.

This is a cute anomaly which Tyler replayed over and over since he was about age 10.  I have contemplated many hours over what is the meaning of this.  He rarely makes eye contact and at every representation of this short conversation he smiles and looks directly into my eyes.  The conclusion of this interaction “Grapes” means something to Tyler.  But what?

I went on a search for the answer to this question.  This search landed me on a page of free literature.  I scanned through the contents on the page, and my eyes landed on this:

From The Adventures Of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi

“As soon as Pinocchio was in bed, he fell fast asleep and began to dream. He dreamed he was in the middle of a field. The field was full of vines heavy with grapes. The grapes were no other than gold coins which tinkled merrily as they swayed in the wind.”

I was intrigued.  I decided to look up “What do dreams about gold mean?”

They may symbolize your inner values and all that you treasure or value in your life. Or they could be reminding you of inner resources that you are not using or you are under-appreciating. In addition, they may symbolize spirituality, illumination or your Higher Self.

Seeing gold in your dream may indicate that you have discovered a hidden talent or something valuable within yourself or you may be recognizing the value in something or someone in life. It also may suggest that inner changes are occurring that are of great value and importance to your self-worth and/or spiritual growth.

It may be a reminder of the Golden Rule – “Do unto others as you would others do unto you.”  It could also represent something that needs your attention or a closer look.

Tyler is all about enjoying the simplest things in life.  For example, Tyler treasures brownies.  He intensely watches me make them.  Then, when they’re ready for consumption he says, “Brownies are Important.”  We all delighted in this simple sentence.  We all thought of brownies as worthy indulgence.  But never that they are “important.”  At least not until Tyler made the claim.  Now, we wholeheartedly agree. Brownies are indeed important!  And “Flowers are Pretty.”  Tyler exclaims this observation frequently.

Tyler has so many hidden talents that have gone underappreciated.  He can spot a Sprite bottle a mile away.  (a story for another post.)  He knows where the pop-tart isles are in the grocery stores.  He said “watermelon pop-tarts” when we didn’t know they ever made that kind.   I received notices from family & friends, when Kellogg’s brought them back on the shelves.   We stocked up on them.  Of course, we had to hide them from Tyler because he wanted to eat ALL the watermelon pop-tarts at one time.  We ration them.  Watermelon pop-tarts are worthy of such attention.

Tyler giggles and giggles at something invisible to us.  It looks as if an angel is tickling him.   And his life was saved by countless strangers who were instrumental in finding Tyler during the episodes of elopement.(another future post.)  Not to mention the Keebler man who jumped out of his truck in a K-Mart parking lot and snatched 2-year-old Tyler from being hit by an oncoming car.   Oh yes.  Tyler is in touch with angels everywhere he goes.  His precious and innocent spirit is guarded by angels watching over him.  When our family would all sit down for dinner every evening, we would hold hands around the table in a circle as we blessed our food in prayer.  Tyler would reach out his hand, but could not quite make hand to hand contact on either side.   He would slightly crank his head as if noticing a presence behind him…seeing something we could not see. We would bless the food and eat.   One of us said that the circle was unbroken.  As the Angel only Tyler could see, spread his wings and closed the gap.

Then there was Thanksgiving of 2007.  We were all relaxing after dinner and chatting about the future.  Tyler was away from the crowd, but close enough to hear our mumblings.  He was starting off into the distance as he often did. He ssooo quietly said something that sounded profound…”…eed mumble…blah…. with … peace.” We could not make it out.  My husband, Bill asked Tyler to repeat what he had said.  A few moments go by and we are all listening.  It was dead silent for at least 30 seconds.  Tyler says…searching for words, “I neeeeeed girl aaaannnd whorl why peace!”  We could not believe what he had just said. The crowd went wild.  Bill asked Tyler to say it again just to make sure we had heard it correctly.  Tyler proclaimed with more confidence this time, “I need girl and whorl why peace!” with an ear to ear grin on his face.

Tyler recognizes the value of others being happy.  He says, “Are you happy?” as he smiles.  I reply, “Yes!  I’m happy…are you happy?”  Tyler replies “Yes,” and smiles.  And that is the most important conversation of the day for me.  What could another human express in such a few short words, but to delight in the happiness of another.  Tyler’s way of reminding us of the Golden Rule.

Is “Thank you. You’re Welcome. Grapes.” a phrase from an animated film that Tyler may have watched?  I can’t remember one which he may be trying to quote. But I am open to ideas.   And for those who may seek to find the animated movie phrase that may match or sound like, “Thank You. You’re Welcome. Grapes,” or a suggestion of a meaning I haven’t thought of yet, please feel free to share in the comments below. It’s important. Like brownies, girls, and world wide peace.


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