14 Must-See Sites for Autism Resources [Free Downloads]

download-2I accidentally happened up on these online resources while researching a topic.  I had no idea there were so many! About 5 hours into my quest, and more than two dozen scribbled sticky notes on my desk, I knew today’s real mission:  My peeps MUST SEE these.  SO- here you go, (in no particular order.)

1. AutismSpeaks.org has a “100 Days Kit” for newly dùjmiagnosed family of young children with Autism. This one has a wealth of information and resources. It’s easy to download to a pdf file.

2. AutismWeb.com lists autism teaching methods, diets and supplements, as well as future conferences links.

3. AutismSociety.org is a source for information, including services, community connections, legal assistance, and future planning.

4. American Academy of Pediatrics’ Counsel on Children with Disabilities provides tested tools and some of the latest resources available.

5. Autism Parenting Magazine has an Autism Resource Guide which provides families with up to date information and advice downloadable in a pdf file.

6. Amazon offers Free Kindle edition books related to autism:

7. Autismnavigator.com offers a directory for you to find an Autism Navigator Provider in your area, as well as online courses, tools, and resources to support families.

8. AutismSupportNetwork.com lists resources in your area, just by typing in your state. Also includes tools, education, research, books/videos, upcoming conferences, and grants.

9. LoveThatMax.com offers 22 free things, services, and grants for kids with special needs.

10. Wonderbaby.org lists organizations which give you the opportunity to apply for a FREE ipad for your child. It’s not a guarantee, but worth a try I would think!

11. FriendshipCirlce.org lists a complete guide to Airports and Special Needs Travel. Included are resources such as social stories, “know your rights” info, and as a bonus, they have Disability Pages for the World’s Biggest Airports. (I randomly clicked on the Airports listed and some did not have the disability page available, but most of them did.)

In addition to that, you can find numerous other posts to learn from pertaining to Autism. I was amazed at all they have to offer!

12. VisitFlorida.com offers several attractions in Tampa Bay, and Central Florida that accommodate and entertain kids with Autism. Get ready for some fun in the sunshine state!

13. AutismOnTheSeas.com has collaborated since 2007 with Royal Caribbean International in order to offer cruises to accommodate families living with children with Autism, among other disabilities. Now, these services have expanded to other cruise lines. Check out what is included. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

14. “Sesame Street & Autism” has some super cute kids videos and resources such as story books, daily routine cards and insightful articles for parents.

These are really great resources.  Back in the day, we had to walk to school bare foot up hill both ways!  NO REALLY!  There was absolutely nothing.  I know that having this challenge is soooo difficult, but find some solace in the fact you are standing on the shoulders of those who had nothing.  We had to actually go to the library and dig for this stuff…sometimes running into what seemed to be impenetrable layers to find the jewels.  Research, learn, reveal your child’s potential.  And stop every now and then to have some fun.


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