20 Mysterious observations: Autism in the early years

Very early in the journey it was apparent things were not quite right with Tyler.  Weird behaviors continued to mount as time progressed.  Here are 20 of the most mysterious… may be you can relate.

1) Screaming the first time a bottle nipple touched his lips (I was a breastfeeding, but out of town and my husband tried to bottle feed him.)

2) Crying when I tried to sing to him.

4)Staring out the window, or through the play pen mesh for long periods of time

5)No eye-contact, and didn’t smile when babies normally began to smile.

6)No response when I would stand behind him and say his name.

6)Screaming and crying during every bath time.

7)Eating his diaper;  After his diaper was soiled with urine, he tore it apart and put the swollen silicone balls in his mouth

 8)Throwing food that “fell apart” in his hand as he was eating it (like cookies, pop-tarts, or soft granola bars.)

9)Banging his head on the car window after he realized he couldn’t escape the car seat restraint.

10)Lining up cars, blocks, dominoes, books, instead of playing with them or looking at the pictures

11)No fear as he walked into a tire swing as it was in motion and repeating this behavior over and over after getting knocked down over and over; walking into an ant bed repeatedly, even after being stung.

12)Upset and disrupted when we attempted to get group family pictures.

13)Escaping from restraints  such as his crib; his seat belt; enclosed indoors; holding hands; high chair; etc.

14)No interest in visitors, or siblings; It seemed as if he didn’t even see them.

15)Screaming uncontrollably in unfamiliar circumstances, such as the church nursery.

16)Unwillingness to stay on a mattress while sleeping.

17)Hitting Mom’s legs and screaming if not being held.

18)No interest in presents.   He only wanted the bag.

19)No normal playing with or manipulating toys.  They where only tools to line up, stack, write with, bang on, or climb on.

20)Discomfort in clothing.  He constantly wanted to take them off.

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One Response to 20 Mysterious observations: Autism in the early years

  1. bstoddart says:

    Would love to hear the back story.


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